Timo Tiuraniemi

I'm terrified of the ongoing deliberate destruction of our planet. Destruction that's constantly increasing in speed and breadth. Destruction that's driven by an obsession for economic growth, which in turn relies on the colonization by the Global North over the Global South and the continued commodification of our existence.

At the same time, I see so much potential in everyday people to stop it.

I recognize that as a Finnish cis white male with marketable skills, I'm one of the most privileged people in the world. I try to take that into account with everything I build and write. I hope I'm able to use my privileges to fight for a world where those privileges don't exist.

I'm an activist for the commons, currently working for Greenpeace International. I stand for protecting and expanding that which has no monetary value, that which resists ranking from better to worse, that which doesn't quite fit into spreadsheets. Clean air, healthy oceans, unowned forests and land. But also knowledge and the digital tools we use.

My craft is programming, and I have a background in philosophy.

But what I identify with, what I am, is a husband and a father.

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